About me

I am focusing my 30+ years of solving problems and seizing opportunities towards enabling organizations in realizing Big Data benefits across their entire organization (vs. just a few data scientists). I earned my Ph.D. in Information Technology to bring technology back to making businesses more efficient and effective in delivering results. These characteristics below best describe how I accomplish these objectives:

  • Big Data Scientist:
    • Skillfully gets the right details from the right resources
    • Determines non-obvious patterns, essential building blocks, connection points, ramifications, capability dependencies, etc. in order to automate tacit data into actionable knowledge
  • Thought Leader:
    • Continually refines burgeoning ideas
    • Critically thinks through, and surgically navigates, the plethora of disparate issues, perspectives and competing objectives across and between organizations
  • Systems Innovation Analyst:
    • Handles end-to-end details to build multi-dimensional evidence-trails for findings, recommendations and conclusions
    • Uses keen intuition from technical prowess with an unswerving pursuit of excellence to sharpen the focus and effect of enterprise efforts
  • Solutions Architect / Disciplined Artisan:
    • Tailors appropriate products for the appropriate audiences
    • Transcends concepts and strategy into results, as well as the enablers to produce the results!

Some examples where I made such an impact to produce such results:

  • Delivered / Fixed Major Projects:
    • Rescued $1M over budget/year behind schedule Real Estate Assessment System
    • Delivered Real Estate Taxation System that addressed 10 years of problems on-time and within budget
    • Abated major dysfunction for major USG organization to establish a common vision for a multi-million dollar acquisition effort
  • Orchestrated Big Data Programs:
    • Proposed and co-organized Big Data Lecture Series for George Mason University and a major USG organization
    • Helped George Mason University form their Data Analytics Engineering degree program
  • Advised Decision Makers:
    • Served on Expert Panel for Department of Transportation’s move to electronic manifests
    • Advised major USG-DoD Medical CTO with Big Data initiatives
    • Guided and helped major USG organization in their establishing a Data Science Practice across the corporate infrastructure